We are partnering with Lloyds Corporate Brokers!

Lloyds Corporate Brokers has been selling businesses successfully for more than 38 years and is Australia’s Industry Leading  Corporate Advisory and Business Brokers. Lloyds have brokers based throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide who specialise in mid-market size businesses. These are businesses that are valued at $500,000 – $100 million.


We are working together to create an end-to end solution for clients that are looking to sell their business. From valuating your business, getting your business ready for sale and the entire sales process, we’ve got you covered.


What’s the process?

Step 1: We will help you get your business ready for sale


Step 2: Compile your business information to be presented in an information memorandum for potential buyers


Step 3: Conduct a marketing strategy for sale


Step 4: Qualify the potential buyers


Step 5: Assist in the due diligence & legal process


Step 6: Negotiate a sale


Step 7: Your business is now sold!


Let us do the heavy lifting for you, get in touch today.