Helloworld Travel, Rowville

“Alexander Spencer have been our accountants of choice for over 21 years. Their expertise, attention to detail, professionalism and enthusiasm to ensure we receive the best help and advice possible, especially from Sam Rotberg, is most valued. His expertise, knowledge and compassion in helping us with our Travel Agency over the years has now grown into facilitating and overseeing 5 other company accounts that we are currently involved in as well as our own personal accounts and superannuation. We have on numerous occasions, recommended Sam’s services and will continue to do so to anyone that wishes a great professional accountant.”

John Williams / Director, Rowville Travel


“When running a small business and constantly faced with making a lot of daily decisions, we have always been comforting to know that Alexander Spencer treats our business with the highest regard. They are able to offer a range of business solutions, for situations we can be faced with. It’s also nice to have them as a sounding board, to be able to bounce ideas off them and see if we are on track for our business becoming what we had dreamt it would be. Alexander Spencer have been able to see our vision come true having been there from the early days when we were a small 2 person business and to help guide us to being a national company. ”

Gillian Crosby / Blindsonline.com.au

Assetic Pty Ltd

“We have over ten year’s history working with Alexander Spencer and they have been instrumental in providing a wide range of accounting and strategic advisory services to our business. They have an incredible work ethic and attention to detail and have been invaluable in helping to facilitate rapid growth of the business and laying the groundwork for packaging up of the business for a sale process.

In 2013 Alexander Spencer guided and encouraged us through a sale process and were an integral part of the purchaser’s due diligence process in both accounting and legal aspects of the transaction, along with structuring and advisory on the tax implications of the business. Without their support and guidance, we would not have arrived at such a great investment partner and result for the business. ”

Joel Brakey, CEO / Assetic Pty Ltd

Interhealth Medical Clinic

“Sam and his team at Alexander Spencer have been an invaluable resource for me over the past 20 years. Sam’s knowledge, attention to detail and incredible availability (including on weekends for meetings with solicitors, business partners and to explore financial dealings) has enabled my personal, family and business affairs to be seamlessly controlled.

Alexander Spencer’s internal professionals and external networks have always been of the highest calibre, able to provide appropriate, directed support whilst remaining under Sam’s supervision. I have no hesitation recommending Sam & Alexander Spencer to anyone in need of accounting and financial advice and management. ”

Dr. Steven Kaye / Interhealth Medical Clinic

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